CAS genesisWorld x11: Smart functions for great customer experiences

CAS genesisWorld x11: Smart functions for great customer experiences

The new x11 version of CAS genesisWorld has a number of new customer centric functions, designed to help boost the way companies do business, by helping them to react quickly to their customers’ needs. Product highlights include: The ‘thinking’ Picasso search, App Designer 3.0, transparent team planning, surveys now with embedded multimedia content and the mobile product catalog. All of these great features expand users’ options for delivering great customer relationships and shaping positive customer experiences.


“Our multiple award-winning CRM flagship CAS genesisWorld offers companies intelligent support so that they can exploit their potential and create impressive customer experiences”, said Martin Hubschneider, CEO CAS Software AG, at the release of the new x11 version. “With new and even more sophisticated functions CAS genesisWorld is the beating heart of our Customer Centricity mission statement: Intelligent solutions such as the Picasso search promote a first-class, reliable customer experience and strengthen customer loyalty as well as improve the quality of healthy customer, partner and team relationships.”


Picasso search delivering proactive and adaptive support

In the new x11 version there are a number of new smart assistants available to users such as the Picasso search which utilize artificial intelligence algorithms. These new assistants find user relevant information in CAS genesisWorld by themselves. This is also the first time that the Picasso search is available as a mobile start screen on smartphones and tablets. Much more than just a search function. The Picasso search prepares upcoming appointments making them easier to organize. It also recognizes customer requirements in advance and then adapts on the fly to keep them at the center of user focus.


App Designer 3.0 offering flexible customization options

Winner of the German Design Award, CAS genesisWorld uses SmartDesign® technology and a modern graphic user interface with a consistent look and feel across all devices. The app-in-app concept keeps things flexible with lots of scope for extensions. And with the help of the App Designer, users have more design options than ever before at their fingertips. Thus, users enjoy the benefits of even more flexibility by being able to adapt CAS genesisWorld to suit their specific requirements without needing any programming knowledge. So for example, a user can employ these capabilities to customize and extend user interfaces to meet their company’s individual and specific requirements.


New team planning: Transparent and individual

With the new team planner in version x11 companies can organize the appointments for their sales staff and service technicians centrally while also taking individual workloads into consideration. This is much more efficient for team members who can see at a glance what appointments they’ve got in their calendars. Having to clarify appointments to avoid misunderstandings is now a thing of the past.


Using the mobile product catalog in customer meetings on site

The new product catalog in the mobile CAS genesisWorld App enables sales staff to enter into a personal dialog with customers quickly. Instead of using analog tools like Excel tables, users can now browse and select products and services together with their customers when using the new product catalog on a tablet-PC. Working alongside customers in this way creates more transparency and gives customers an overview of what’s on offer. Now, before sales staff have left the office, the customer will have received any relevant documents by e-mail already, for example, an offer which they can subsequently approve and sign off digitally on the sales rep’s iPad.


Survey module with embedded multimedia content

Using the CAS genesisWorld Survey module companies now have a whole new world of possibilities open to them. The new x11 version allows them to embed any web content in surveys, for example, videos or pictures. The graphical components can help to enhance demonstrations, decision making and training. These visualizations grab the survey participant’s attention which consequently results in a much higher response rate.


EU GDPR conform: Data protection by design

Since the European Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) came into force, companies have been faced with the challenge of storing and processing customer-related data in a data-protection compliant manner. CAS genesisWorld x11 supports the design of data protection compliant processes, for example, with declarations of consent or the automated deletion of data in due time.


A host of new features

Other highlights include the graphical progress indicator which helps users to see the current status of an opportunity at a glance. Users can also customize the designs of dashboards and views which is a great help when using them for extended reports and analyses. Some highlights include mobile innovations that make it easier to record working time and expenses. Other benefits include features which have been designed to simplify communications across all channels, for example, new telephony functions, sidebars for Microsoft Outlook and comprehensive filter functions to create distribution lists and e-mail campaigns.


Overview of the new functions:

New in version x11

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