CAS genesisWorld x10 sets a new standard in CRM for medium-sized enterprises

CAS genesisWorld x10 sets a new standard in CRM for medium-sized enterprises

Smart design, assistants that think ahead, marketing automation and data protection – with the x10 version of CAS genesisWorld x10, available now, medium-sized enterprises can profit from new functions that represent the new standard in CRM.

The CRM flagship has a wealth of new product features on board that put customers and employees even more into focus – fully in keeping with the company’s customer centricity mission statement. “As the leading dependable customer centricity solution for German medium-sized companies, CAS genesisWorld speeds up many corporate processes and directs the focus towards the needs of the customer,” explains CAS Software AG CEO Martin Hubschneider. “Intelligent assistants, new modules and integrations as well as configurable GUIs – and not least SmartDesign® technology that gained the German Design Award 2018 – all contribute to making CAS genesisWorld a strong and reliable basis for customer-centric companies.”

AI-based Picasso search: less searching, more finding
One of the highlights of the new version is the Picasso search. Inspired by Pablo Picasso’s claim: “I do not search – I find,” the digital assistant provides the user with information as it becomes relevant. With the aid of artificial intelligence algorithms, the Picasso search actively ‘cooperates’, highlighting especially important appointments, documents, opportunities, tasks and contacts – displaying them clearly.

Smart design for use across different platforms
CAS Software’s SmartDesign® technology received the German Design Award 2018 for its thoroughly impressive and convincing experience of CAS genesisWorld on all mobile devices. It ensures that sales staff and service technicians have the data they need when under way, always with the same look and feel, whether they are using a smartphone, a tablet or a notebook. The individual apps can be grouped easily using drag and drop, while frequently used data can be stored in personalized views.

Important data available on the move even without internet access
The offline mobile functionality has been comprehensively extended in the new version. So a customer visit can be prepared by putting together all the relevant information such as service agreements, project times and product usage. During meetings with a customer, items such as quantities, prices and discounts can be extracted from the opportunities and integrated into a quote. Apps are available that enable mobile signing or digital signatures on tablets and smartphones, for instance. The mobile app also allows editing of documents retrieved from the archive. And even where no internet access is available, CAS genesisWorld’s offline capability means that it can still be used.

Our goal: to provide the world’s most personalized CRM
Individual requirements vary according to the user, the task and the specific circumstances. The App Designer allows users to create their own apps without the need for programming skills. In addition, apps can be customized and tailored to meet the requirements of specific company processes. This turns your CRM into an individual xRM solution that can be extended to other areas – such as applicant management and employee development in the areas of HR and training.

Optimized for medium-sized enterprises: CRM meets Marketing Automation
Thanks to the cooperation with the marketing automation specialist SC-NetWorks GmbH, individual information requirements and customer needs can be addressed in a targeted manner through cross-media dialog. Integration of the Evalanche marketing automation tool into CAS genesisWorld x10 allows medium-sized businesses to design their customer communications in a consistent and customer-centered way: Evalanche allows for successive pre-qualification of new contacts. They can be systematically nurtured into sales-relevant leads on the basis of individual marketing measures and campaigns. This ensures that prospects receive exactly the information that is individually tailored to them – such as invitations, training opportunities or personal consulting services – so that they are guided towards the company and the product they need more efficiently and in a more targeted way.

EU GDPR: Know-how and security
Since the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) came into force, companies have been facing the challenge of storing customer-related data in compliance with the new legislation. CAS genesisWorld x10 provides support in designing data-protection-compliant processes such as those involving consent forms or automated data deletion within given deadlines.

Time-saving quote configuration
As of now the new CPQ (Configure Price Quote) module is available for drawing up quotes quickly. It supports fast and intuitive quote calculation. The new add-on module is especially useful when it comes to products that are available in different variants or that contain a range of components for modular configuration. Existing modules such as the Survey or the simplified Easy Invoice modules are now available to users with an extended range of functions.

Summary of the new functions: CAS genesisWorld x10

About CAS Software AG
CAS Software AG was founded in 1986 and has been managed by co-founder Martin Hubschneider ever since. Over 400 co-creators now work together on the CAS Campus in Karlsruhe on the development of leading software solutions for medium-sized enterprises. The product range encompasses CRM systems, xRM solutions and industry solutions that enable companies and organizations to build up successful and sustainable business relationships, promote more effective use of corporate knowledge and improve staff efficiency. Every day, more than 400,000 users across the world work with products from CAS Software.

The CRM and xRM specialists from Karlsruhe are also involved in a large number of research projects at national and international levels. The company has received several awards and prizes for its innovative range of products and its commitment to the medium-sized company sector – amongst others as Germany’s best TOP IT employer, TOP 100 Innovator 2018 and German Design Award Winner 2018.

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