About CRM

What is CRM?  But xRM?


CRM – Customer Relationship Management is a multiplicity of tools needed by every modern company to print common strategies, policies and processes across departments and to achieve a continuous and transparent relationship with partners, especially with customers.

xRm extends these features and provides the company with an application that strengthens data from other systems (ERP, HR, Bi) and creates a clear picture of the company’s varios complex processes: sales analysis, event control, project management, marketing, support and helpdesk, etc.

Recognizing and fulfilling customer wishes

Loyal and satisfied customers recommend a product further, and maintenance of existing customers is much cheaper than searching and getting new customers and can be achieved by:

  • Clear and individual communication;
  • First class services;
  • Competent information;
  • Fulfilling individual wishes.

More than just a software

The projects consist, in a simplified way, of two parts:

– most of it refers to the “rethinking” of the strategy that has been established in the entreprise that needs to be revived;

– the smaller part is the technology, the CRM software that will professionally support the implementation  of customer management.

That’s why a CRM solution is a support of daily activity and management decisions without which it is not easy to control the activities carried out within the internal business processes.

What will bring in concretely?

CRM will support the effort to establish optimal customer management in your company to process the processes to their needs. The system provides transparency, efficiency and a unique company-wide database of customer relationships and internal activity, allowing for a smarter understanding of their needs.

 What does help us with?

  • attract and gain new customers;
  • keep and loyalty to current customers;
  • increase your turnover through additional and repeated sales to customers;
  • streamline the company’s marketing and sales processes;
  • achieve a 360 degree image on customer relationship;
  • manage managerial relationship with customers;
  • create a common database through which all communications with clients: emails, offers, addresses, conversations, meetings, etc..

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